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november 4th

november 4th

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own with USA is the evidence of identity, initiative & glory of Islamic republic of Iran. When our policy is our religiosity, “Down with USA” is our religiosity and it is a symbol of worship Allah. “Down with USA“means that we just worship…

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    Down with USA is not just a slogan, it is a belief

    own with USA is the evidence of identity, initiative & glory of Islamic republic of Iran. When our policy is our religiosity, “Down with USA” is our religiosity and it is a symbol of worship Allah. “Down with USA“means that we just worship Allah and we just rely for help on him and we say NO to tyrants. “Down with USA“means Allah is the real lord of world and the power of arrogant depend on power of Allah and this opportunity is just for testing them. “Down with USA“ means the bow and prostrate of our al-Salat, means our al-Tavaf and al-Ramy. Means all the universe are still alive and they fight with filthy person. “Down with USA“ means down with the symbol of tyrants and Satan, means all our identity  that if we do not negate it, the sun of al-welayah would not glow our heart. “Down with USA“ is the sample of freedom in current time that born when bad person born. “Down with USA“ is call of whole the world. The world that want to be the best worshiper for Allah and finally “Down with USA“ is life of Mankind.

    “Down with USA has NOT been learned to Iranian people. It is came up by their heart. Some people say that why  their would be sth like that. Why do not you ask this question at a right place? Why do not you ask US regime about cruel behavior against iran just because iran want to be independent.”
    The supreme leader ayatollah sayyed ali khamenei
    “Down with USA” is not like other revolutions’ slogans just in order to mobilize people. When Islamic revolution occurred, the Pahlavi regime, one the most important tyrant element in the region, collapsed and the second revolution took place at November 4th when all of the foreign staffs fired from the country.
    This slogan has never been weakened through all these years but also has been shouted louder every year. These days some people are trying to forge ayatollah Khomeini’s memoirs to take “Down with USA” from people. But Iranian people still shout this slogan louder than any time in the Islamic republic of Iran’s history.
    As ayatollah Khomeini declared:
    We stand until the end and we won’t start our relationship with USA until they stop cruelty and tyranny.
    Our revolution, with its hard working and faithful young people won’t let this slogan moves into obscurity, and they won’t let that the sworn enemy take a step in their country. This slogan has moved deeply in the Wall Street protests and all of the capitalism oppositions. “Down with USA” will make all the oppositions in the whole world the belief to destroy this Satanist regime.
    Just like Imam Ali who was always a revolutionary leader, a person who fought for justice, whose sons and grandsons followed his way to reveal Abbasid dynasty’s vices. Today Iranian use “Down with USA” to act like their Imams, to prepare the world for their holy savior and create a global prosperous Islamic civilization.
    Those who are attracted by the shaky and spider like house of modern world, those who don’t see Satanist habit in nuclear negotiations, those who think American injustice is due to their power not their weakness, have definitely forgotten this verse of the holy Quran :
    Those who choose tyrants as their protector will move from light to darkness, they would live in hell forever.

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